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How To Fix Mic Not Working On Discord (A Gamer's Dilemma)

Ever tried calling out enemy positions in-game, only to realize no one can hear you? It's like shouting into the void! Fixing your mic on Discord is crucial for effective team communication, avoiding those embarrassing moments when you sound like a ghost. Plus, how else will you trash-talk your opponents?

Watch the video below for a visual guide on fixing microphone issues in Discord:

If your microphone is not working in Discord, you may see an error message stating that Discord is not detecting any input from your mic.

Let's fix that! Follow these steps:

If your microphone isn't working in Discord, you might see a message stating Discord is not detecting any input from your mic. To address this, click on the 'visit settings' button. If you don't see this error message but your microphone still isn't functioning, navigate to Discord Mic Settings.

In the settings menu, locate 'voice and video' on the left-hand side. The first step is to click on the 'let's check' button. If the microphone works, you'll see a yellow bar moving up and down. If the button is grayed out or the microphone still doesn't work, unplug the microphone, then plug it back in.

If reconnection doesn’t resolve the issue, select your microphone from the dropdown menu and click on 'let's check' again. Ensure the input volume is set to maximum by adjusting the slider. Remember, input sensitivity is unrelated to the basic functionality of your mic; it's more about filtering out background noises like keyboard clicks. Also, ensure 'push to talk' is not selected unless specifically needed.

If problems persist, try adjusting your Windows microphone settings. Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner and select 'open sound settings'. Scroll down and click on 'sound control panel'. This will open the speaker settings by default, so you'll need to switch to the 'recording' tab. If your microphone isn't visible, right-click and select 'show disabled devices' and 'show disconnected devices'. Once you see your microphone, right-click to disable and then enable it again.

For microphones still not responding, right-click, go to properties, and under the 'Advanced' tab, toggle 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device'. This might require checking and unchecking followed by clicking the apply button. In the 'listen' tab, it's generally best to uncheck 'listen to this device'. Ensure the device is set to 'use this device' in the 'General' tab.

If your microphone issue persists, the problem may not be with Discord but could be a driver issue. To update your driver, go to the start menu, type 'device manager', find your microphone in the list of devices, and troubleshoot it from there. This step is crucial as it might be the root cause of the problem.

I hope these steps help you solve any microphone issues with Discord.

How To Fix A Discord Mic That Isn't Working

To fix the Discord microphone if it's not working, follow these steps:

Here's a Reddit user's take on why Discord mic isn't working and one potential way to fix it:

how to fix mic not working on discord, reddit user take

Steps to Fix Mic Not Working in Discord:

First, click on the "Visit Settings" button. If you don't get an error message but your microphone is still not working, go to Discord Mic Settings. In Discord settings, locate "Voice & Video" on the left-hand side. Click on the "Let's Check" button to test your microphone. If the button is grayed out or your microphone is just not working, first make sure you unplug it and disconnect it, then plug it back in.

If your microphone is still not working, select your microphone from the dropdown menu and click on the "Let's Check" button again. Ensure that your input volume is set to maximum by dragging the slider. Input sensitivity should not affect whether your mic is working or not; it's for filtering out keyboard sounds.

Make sure "Push to Talk" is not selected. You don't want that option selected.

Ok, if Discord sound settings didn't work out, the problem may be with your Windows microphone driver.

Let's try to fix the mic from your Windows microphone settings.

If your microphone is still not working, right-click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of Windows and open sound settings. Scroll down and click on the "Sound Control Panel" link. This will open the speaker settings by default. Go to the "Recording" tab, find your microphone on the list, right-click on it, and click "Disable." Then right-click again and click "Enable."

If your microphone does not show on the list, right-click anywhere and click on "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices." Once you see your disconnected mic on the list, right-click and enable it. If it's still not working, go to the properties of your microphone. In the "Advanced" tab, check and uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" and "Give exclusive mode applications priority." Try checking and unchecking these settings and clicking the "Apply" button.

On the "Listen" tab, uncheck the "Listen to this device" checkbox. Back in the "General" tab, ensure that "Use this device" is enabled in the dropdown menu. If your microphone is still not working, check the driver details and update your driver. You can do this by heading over to the start button, typing "Device Manager," and finding your mic on the list of devices to troubleshoot it from there.

At this point, if your microphone is still not working, it may not be a Discord issue. I hope this tutorial helps you solve your microphone issues with Discord!

Additional Tips To Help Fix Discord Mic

If your microphone is still not working try the following:


Pinned by Ghost Together

@Chichon96 - 8 months ago
For those whose mic works on other applications but not discord. Try uninstalling and reinstalling discord. My mic worked with OBS but not with discord. After I reinstalled discord there were no more problems for me.


3 replies

@Shayoo_Is_King - 1 year ago
The issue is, my microphone works perfectly fine when I'm playing games and recording anything. It even works when I test it on the discord app. The only thing it does not work on it the discord voice chat. It's not that it doesn't work on discord because I can test it and I can hear my voice perfectly fine, but when I join a voice chat my microphone doesn't work.


Ghost Together Comments:
15 replies

@Sleepy-yh9mm - 7 months ago
Honestly this tutorial was super helpful even if it didn't work. My problem seems to be from my hardware within my laptop with my mic showing up as functioning perfectly but not letting me adjust my input volume. I'll keep trying to figure out what's wrong, but this tutorial was a really good place to start.


@putiksgaming6548 - 1 year ago
idk for me some reason just for discord it says mic isnt working but when I go to sound it shows it and it says its fine


@DAVIDGUALDRON - 7 months ago
Tried all that, and also disabled and re-enabled my microphone. It works in any other app, except on discord. So annoying! What can we do? :(


@MasterAgario - 2 months ago
try changing the region to brazil


@ponchothetravelingbeardie - 1 year ago
Dude Ty so much this was so helpful


@devvyhales - 6 months ago
My issue was actually on the Level's tab -- for some reason it was all the way to zero! Cranked it to 100 and now it works.

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@RxttenMoxum_ - 6 months ago
Thank you so much for your video omg I've been having problems for months and I just found it and it fixed my problem ! Thank you so much

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@markm7776 - 6 months ago
For me it was in the levels tab of the mic properties. It was set to 31% and upon making it 100% it was completely fixed. Hope this may help.


@pol581 - 1 year ago
Worked for me. I just had to adjust the sound panel.


@theolix1 - 8 months ago
Hello people my microphone Logitech G Pro X work perfectly except in Discord like the device is connected and detected but that say that Discord doesn't detect any song of it I do a lot of things like update all, reinstall discord, check for drivers update, disable and enable a lot of settings in discord. btw i'm using blue voice technology in my mic... anyone know what happened...


@theolix1 - 7 months ago
Okay that worked I just turned off exit sound

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@MrBlue142 - 2 weeks ago
for me i just had to enable and disable the mic and it worked

@jeremiahjahanara4245 - 1 year ago
I can hear but when I told the sound is distorted know why?

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@brandongainer9434 - 10 months ago
My problem is I don't use a mic on my laptop but I get the Discord can't pick up voice from mic...but there isn't a microphone at all so idk what to do...this happened and I had to factory reset my laptop I don't want to do that again.

@theroyalaustralian - 3 months ago
Not my issue.
How about making a video for when you just cannot talk in discord even though your mic works everywhere else?

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@SmorgasLord - 7 months ago
One thing to check is if there is a hardware problem. I have a mic that is removable, apparently it had some dust or stuff in the port of the headset

@Brown-Titan - 1 month ago
my problem is the sound on calls doesn't work on my computer but it works on all my other devices

@Vektyre - 1 month ago
When I do the test thing it works but when I join a server it doesn't work

@CzechMappingCZ - 9 months ago
Thanks, you saved me! :D

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@ghosttogether - 9 months ago
Glad it works now!

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@maxwell_cat751 - 11 months ago
my mic is working after this thanks and also I did some steps wrong because you're using windows 10 and I'm using windows 11 so the stuff is a bit different

@takara5740 - 8 months ago
tysm this fixed my mic

@TGsoGood - 1 year ago
This tutorial actually works

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@ghosttogether - 1 year ago
Glad it helped

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@yafidadnan4196 - 1 year ago
you're the best it works

@robledosieteseis2291 - 5 months ago
I had a problem that when I joined a discord call it was not picking up my audio but the discord app in the settings it did recognized my devices and audio. All I had to do was to set all my settings to default at the bottom of the audio setting inside the discord app.

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@leo5theboss273 - 5 months ago
I have this problem I bought this mic for streaming and I plugged it directly into my PC with an xlr to 3.5 mm jack because it does not need external power as I know, it says that it works but when I try to use it on other applications it does not work, the thing is that it works because on streamlabs it shows the voice that goes up when I talk and when I enable the loopback setting on the specific mic section on control panel I can hear it, but as I said before any other software like discord or games it does not get recognized

@taylorj2868 - 2 weeks ago
check in the properties section that your microphone is set to DVD quality and not studio, for me discord did not recognise 24 bit

@diogocampos663 - 3 months ago
Guys if works on Discord App (on settings your mic works) but on chat no, just scroll to the bottom and click reset voice settings! Hope it works for you too.

@OpiumT - 10 months ago (edited)
It worked at first but the second time I went on discord after a while of not being on my pc it wasn't working anymore, I don't think its an issue on discord though since it(not discord) didn't even hear me while I tried fixing it. EDIT: it was a discord issue

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@krepyfine3500 - 6 months ago
bro same. I turned off pc I came back in 6 hours and discord mic is not working

@krepyfine3500 - 6 months ago
it's a discord issue

@Unominious - 5 months ago
My mic isn't working for both my laptop or the mobile app

@RoundStep - 10 months ago
bro your mic made my eardrums explode

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@ghosttogether - 10 months ago
Sorry about that :/

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@VoldNotVoid - 10 months ago
this did not work I tried it all so..?

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@tobylast8315 - 7 months ago
Thank you

@LYXN_32 - 11 months ago
ty so much

@lucas8385 - 10 months ago
it doesnt find the output device at all

@ellisgaming4175 - 10 months ago

@anamariaicriverzi2683 - 10 months ago
after i clicked disable the mic just disappeared, what do i do?

@ghosttogether - 10 months ago
Scroll down on the same list, it should be further down when disabled.

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@xxbrun08xxplayroblox80 - 1 year ago

@Canman170 - 1 year ago
i can't find it on the fucking list


@emre7180 - 1 year ago
i have the same problem u fixed it?

@abdolarbi8897 - 11 months ago (edited)
@emre7180 smartest united fan

@gamer-14g68df - 1 year ago

@LucasGfirealarms - 8 months ago
It’s still not working

How To Fix Discord Mic Video Tutorial on YouTube

For a detailed step-by-step walkthrough, check out the video tutorial on fixing microphone issues in Discord:

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