Emma Dilemma's Discord Tutorials

Hello Discordians! 🙂 As a heavy Discord user myself, I've created these tutorials to help you navigate and make the most out of Discord

Welcome to Emma's guide to using Discord. As of now there isn't a good Discord alternative, and probably never will be. There can be only one Discord. But Discord has many troubling issues and their devs rarely listen to what the players are saying. This site was created to address those issues.

You are probably here because you're new to Discord and want to learn how to use it effectively. Whether you're looking to fix common issues, customize your experience, or learn about useful bots, these tutorials will guide you through the process.

Discord is a powerful communication platform designed for gamers but used by communities of all types. Whether you're a gamer, a streamer, or just looking to chat with friends, Discord has something for everyone.

Discord Tutorial Topics: